Terms and Conditions


General terms


1. Contact will be made with the client on the arrival of the taxi-cab. The meter will be turned on when the client enters the taxi-cab. If after five minutes the client has not appeared a further call will be made with the client being informed that the taxi meter will be turned on after a further two minutes.
It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that they board the taxi promptly to keep the fare to a minimum.

2. All payments are made directly to the driver in cash unless accounts have been opened in advance and agreed in writing. Drivers are always happy to stop at a convenient ATM for cash and receipts are always available.


3. The company and its member drivers cannot be held responsible for any actual or consequential financial or professional loss, missed travel connections (flights, boats etc.) due to the late or non-arrival of any taxi cab.
4. The company and its member drivers cannot be held responsible for losses consequential or actual arising from missed connections due to adverse weather, prevailing traffic conditions or any other events that negatively influence journey times.
5. Licensed taxi-cabs are insured for passenger and third party claims. Customer’s personal property is carried entirely at their own risk and the company shall not be liable or held responsible for any loss or damage to said property.
6. The company and its member drivers reserve the right to refuse to carry passengers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and who in the opinion of the driver pose a threat to him/herself or his/her vehicle.
7. Any journey fares that have been estimated will have been offered in good faith. Neither the company nor its member drivers can be held responsible for any variations from those good faith estimations.
8. It is the customer’s obligation to actively seek out any taxi they book and to provide a working mobile or landline telephone number. The company and its member drivers will do all they reasonably can to ensure the taxi-cab is waiting in an appropriate place for customers to find and will assist customers at all times. 

• All bookings accepted by the company will be bound by these terms and conditions and customers will be deemed to have read and understood them when booking.


Fixed price bookings


The company offers fixed/set price bookings on the following terms.
1. Unless otherwise stated in writing by the customer and accepted by the company all such bookings are 1 pick-up and 1 set down. Deviation from this arrangement without 12 hours’ notice will result in the fare reverting to a metered fare.
Web or Email bookings


1. Web and email bookings are considered in the first instance to be non-time critical and will be replied to within hours rather than within minutes.
2. 24 hours’ notice is required for email bookings unless an advanced agreement has been made.


3. By using the on-line forms you are giving permission to Domino Cabs to store your information for the purpose of booking a cab. Due to data protection your details will not be used for marketing purposes or sent to any third parties without your prior permission.
• None of the above contravenes or affects your statutory rights.