Corporate Enquiries


Thank you for visiting Domino-Cabs and I thank you for looking up the corporate section of Domino-Cabs.

Here at Domino we take pride in providing a professional, punctual service to all our existing corporate customers and are ready and happy to accept new clients.

We are very competitive when it comes to fares with Domino-Cabs being one if not the cheapest cab company in Jersey. Our last fare increase was in April 2010 with the fares still being held for 2015/16.

With all accounts we provide a full island wide service and take pride in our service being personnel.

We accept email bookings with 24 hours notice but to be sure we can arrive on time we take closer bookings by phone.

If you wish to open up an account with Domino-Cabs or enquire into opening one please email me direct at and I will be happy to come and meet with you in person or call you to discuss the details.